Our team has extensive experience in different disciplines- public and private sector, financial institution and NGO- in several high impact sectors. This enables us to apply a holistic vision on incubating and scaling financially viable projects and ventures in emerging markets. It moreover allows us to advise a wide range of clients and partners- corporates, governments, investors, philanthropic foundations, and NGOs- in all stages of the project or investment lifecycle.

What we offer can be segmented as follows:

Financial Structuring and Fundraising

Appropriately structuring investments optimizes social and financial return potential while mitigating risks.


Impact investment & Fund Management

Setting up successful impact first vehicles requires market knowledge, risk assessment, creative design and structuring, and stamina.


Business Development Advisory

Some organizations aim to increase their social impact, while others aim to shift to more bankable solutions.

Public Private Partnerships & Stakeholder Management

Private sector innovations can complement government efforts in providing healthcare, water and other public goods.


Workshops, trainings and events

Sometimes coming to a breakthrough requires external professionals to guide you in your creating thinking, outside of your comfort zone.

Our offer

Financial Structuring and Fundraising

For who: Corporations, public and private impact investors and donors who aim to participate in impact investment vehicles or invest on a deal-by-deal basis.

What: We support clients in:

  • Design and set up of investment strategy, structure, governance
  • Business plan & financial modeling
  • Structuring blended finance investments
  • Fundraising
  • Investment policies & procedures.
  • Impact framework and ESG
  • Early-stage implementation of investment vehicles

Impact investment & Fund Management

For who: Development Finance Institutions, accelerator networks or corporations who seek to create impact investment facilities that serve their specific target group,  and are looking for a qualified fund manager to set up and manage the facility

What: We take on the process of the design, structuring and fundraise for an investment facility; and manage its investments. This includes:

  • Fund design
  • Fund structuring
  • Development of processes, systems, policies
  • Manage fundraise process up to financial close 
  • Build team
  • Build pipeline; due diligence
  • Manage investment processes, including technical assistance and impact management

Business Development Advisory

For who: (social) enterprises and NGOs. We support both early stage and established initiatives, in different phases of the project lifecycle.  

What: a growing number of enterprises as well as NGOs aim to transition to impact first businesses – business that generat social and financial value and can sustain itself in the long run.  

We support enterprises and NGOs in this process. We start with a thorough assessment of our clients’ status and plans, followed by strategic, but practical advice on how to successfully design and scale impact first businesses, including on: 

  • Strategy Design
  • Business model Analysis & feasibility 
  • Market assessment
  • Data and Impact strategy
  • Positioning and marketing

Public Private Partnerships & Stakeholder Management

For who: governments who seek to engage private sector capacity for delivery of (semi) public goods; enterprises and NGOs who seek support to ensure their solutions resonate in the markets they aim to address. 

What: Access to basic human needs such as water, healthcare, education, and energy is a human right, under the competence of public authorities. Private sector capacity can complement government efforts, and increase access, quality and efficiency, and availability of up front financing.

Private sector innovations should be fit for purpose. Engaging local ecosystem players in the design, testing and scale up is critical to make sure solutions are effective and there to stay.  

We work with international and on-the-ground implementing partners to support the development of public private partnerships (PPP) and stakeholder engagement. Our services include:

  • PPP design, including allocation or roles, risk, and responsibilities
  • Design financial and governance structure for PPPs
  • Stakeholder engagement strategy
  • Advocacy and stakeholder management

Workshops, trainings and events

For who: enterprises, NGOs, donors, government parties. 

What: Sometimes coming to a breakthrough requires stepping outside of your natural working process and be guided in your creative thinking by professionals. We create highly interactive, and result-focused workshops, trainings and webinars. Everything we do is tailor made, and uses real life cases to make sure that knowledge gained can be directly applied to benefit the projects our participants are working on. Workshops are provided both online and offline, at our Venue in Naarden or in-company.  

Trainings and Workshop focus (non-exhaustive):

  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Blended Finance
  • Structuring impact investments
  • Innovative partnership building
  • Positioning and marketing strategies
  • Building supportive ecosystems

How we work

Our work spans the full trajectory of business development, financial structuring and fundraising, and implementation of impact first ventures and investment vehicles. We take on this process ourselves, or we support others in an advisory role along the trajectory or in parts of it. 

To provide the best possible support, we always start with an inception phase, to  understand the objectives and status of a venture and the real issues at hand. In the implementation phase we execute the assignment, whcih is followed by an evaluation and potentially follow up.